Must Have Tool and Cutter Grinder Accessories List

These days, you can find a vast array of SPM and heavy machines in the market to cater to all kinds of tasks, including the tool and cutter grinding machine. This is a special purpose machine designed for a specific function.

You can find them in various models and they are being used in many different industries. With a robust and efficient tool, you will be able to grind and sharpen many tools and cutters and help you perform hassle-free operations.

What You Get from A Tool and Cutter Grinder?

  • Functional Versatility: This equipment is essentially designed for sharpening and reconditioning side & face milling cutters, gear hobs, angle cutters, cylindrical cutters, convex & concave cutters, shell mills reamers, end mills, drills, taps etc.
  • Construction: The wheel head is constructed well and holds the spindle components. A lot of them nowadays can be fitted horizontally and rotated vertically for fast setting of complex angles.
  • Wheel Head Spindle: The hardened and ground spindle is made of alloy steel and it is fitted on grease-packed precision radial ball bearings. The grinding wheels can be affixed on both sides of the spindle. The design of the wheel mount enables the spindle to be reversed.
  • Work Table: The work table is fitted on the carriage and usually has a smoother and rapid longitudinal movement through a roller chain. Slow movement is made possible through a reduction gearbox.
  • Auxiliary Table: The auxiliary table is fitted on a work table and in both vertical and horizontal planes. Some grinders have this component while others don’t.

Standard Equipment

You need standard equipment and special accessories for the tool and cutter grinder. The machine itself may have a range of versions depending on which manufacturer you purchase yours from, but there are generally a few standard features.

In addition, depending on the kind of work you will be doing and the tools you will be sharpening with this grinder, you may also need to purchase some special accessories.

  • Universal cutter head
  • Left hand center tail stock
  • Right hand, fast-acting spring loaded center tail stock
  • Some have a diamond holder
  • Plain and universal tooth rest
  • Center height gauge
  • Center that comes with a morse taper
  • Wheel guards as well as holder
  • Grounding wheels
  • Spanners and wrenches
  • Electrical
  • Manual for set up, operation and maintenance

Special Accessories which you may or may not need:

  • Cylindrical external and internal attachment
  • Radius attachments
  • Face, milling cutter attachment
  • Gear milling cutter attachment
  • Long reamer grinding attachment
  • Radius dressing attachment
  • Angular wheel dressing attachment
  • Dust exhausting unit
  • Hob grinding attachment
  • Collapsible bellows for column
  • Static wheel balancing unit
  • Self Centering Chuck
  • Collet Attachment & Collets
  • Machine Lamp with Transformer
  • Positive Indexing Attachment
  • Internal Grinding Spindle Extension Piece
  • Wheel Flanges
  • Cutter Arbors
  • Dressing Diamond

Grinding and Cutting Safely

Portable grinders are fast becoming the choice of many industries. But if safety guidelines are not followed, they can put you at risk of injury. Here are some crucial safety tips to keep in mind:

The Wheel

Most wheels are Type 27 (those with a depressed center) particularly for grinding and cutting, but those who are used for grinding alone are Type 1. These wheels are very hardy but are not necessarily immune to breakage. To help lower this risk, remember:

  • Do not use a wheel to grind if it is designed only for cutting.
  • Always inspect the wheel visually for signs of wear or damage before mounting on the grinder.
  • If the wheel has cracks or nicks don’t use it. Don’t use it if it has been dropped as well.
  • Let newly mounted wheels run without any load for one minute prior to using it.
  • Don’t go over the maximum RPM as stated on the wheel.
  • The wheel needs to be affixed to the grinder using the appropriate mounting flanges. Failing to do this can cause stress to the wheel. In line with this, do not excessively tighten the external mounting flange/nut.
  • Don’t force the wheel onto the grinder. You should also not adjust the mounting hole size.
  • Grinding on the wheel’s side should never be done.
  • Don’t jam the wheel into the work.

The Grinder

To ensure that you are using the grinder properly and safety, make sure to do the following:

  • Always use a suitably positioned wheel guard. Don’t use it without a wheel guard.
  • Adjust the guard so that the least amount of wheel is exposed toward the operator.
  • If the no-load speed is unknown, do not use the grinder.
  • The size of the grinder should fit the wheel.
  • Use both hands when using a grinder. Don’t use one without a side handle.
  • Position the electric cord away from the spinning wheel.
  • Wait for the wheel to come to a complete stop before laying the grinder down.
  • Check if the switch is working properly. If not, don’t use the machine.
  • See to it that the grinder is unplugged before removing or mounting a wheel.
  • Always read the instructions manual and understand it thoroughly before using the grinder

The Operator

  • Before using the machine, make sure you are wearing your safety shields for the face as well as gloves. Wear hearing protection, dust mask, etc.
  • Do not wear clothes that are loose. Jewelry should also be removed. Keep hair tied up to a bun (women).
  • Don’t overreach. Balance and footing should be maintained at all times.
  • Stay on the side of the grinder farthest from the wheel guard and the wheel.
  • Other people should be at a safe distance away from where you are working.
  • Keep a firm grip on the tool, and see to it that your body and arms are positioned in such a way that you can resist kickback forces in case of a jam.
  • Don’t turn on the machine while carrying it at your side.
  • Make sure the machine is not exposed to rain or water. It can cause electric shock.
  • Take care of the power cord.

Wrapping Up

A tool and cutter grinder is necessary so your tools and cutters can work efficiently for many years. Special accessories also make your equipment more beneficial to you.

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