5 Things to Remember Before Using Angle Grinder

If you work in a metal fabrication shop or are involved in construction, then you probably know what an angle grinder is. However, knowing what it is and what it does is not enough, especially when your job may require you to use one in the future.

It is also imperative that you know about angle grinder safety. Before anything else, it is also important to understand what an angle grinder is.

Basically, it is a handheld device that can be powered by petrol engine, electric motor, or compressed air. Sometimes, it is also called a disc grinder or a side grinder.

What uses are there for an angle grinder? An angle grinder is a versatile tool. It can be used to do a lot of construction work such as grinding metals, cutting tiles, taking off rust, and for removing any excess material from something.

If you need to use this power tool, there are things that you need to remember to stay safe and protected.

Pick the Right Kind of Grinder

To ensure that you can carry out the task that you need to, you need to pick the right kind of grinder for the job. There are four main types of angle grinder: electric, battery, pneumatic, and petrol.

An electric angle grinder uses electricity to work the motor, so it has a cord that needs to be plugged into a socket. It is usually available in different voltages, depending on the range of power needed for the job.

This type is usually used for heavy duty jobs such as on large construction sites. A battery angle grinder is cordless, so some consider it to be more convenient than the corded type. If the job requires a lot of moving around, it is best to use this type.

A pneumatic angle grinder makes use of compressed air in order to work. It usually comes in a small size, but it has a substantial amount of power.

A petrol angle grinder, as the name implies, is gas-powered. This type is preferable when a cordless grinder is needed for industrial use. However, extra precaution is necessary to ensure that there will be no gas leakage.

Make Sure That You Have the Proper Discs

Depending on the job, different types of discs may also be required. Four of the most popular types of disc are grit discs, diamond discs, wire wheel, and wood discs.

If you need to grind hard substances such as stone or metal, it is best to use a grit disc as it is the best low-cost option. But, if you need a safe and high-quality option, you may want to use a diamond disc as it can also work on a variety of materials.

For jobs that require removal of paint and rust, the best option is the wire wheel. It is also used to polish bare metal. Lastly, if you need to work on wood, a wood disc should naturally be used.

Read Instructions Carefully

Just like with anything that you will be using for the first time, it is always best to read the manual. Make sure that you understand the instructions and guidelines before attempting to use an angle grinder. If anything is unclear on how to use grinder machine, ask someone who has used the tool before or better yet, contact the manufacturer.

Protect Yourself with the Right Clothing

Using an angle grinder can be dangerous. When cutting or grinding metal and other materials, they can produce sparks and shards which may hurt you. That is why, protective clothing and a full face shield must be worn while operating a grinder.

Do not wear baggy clothes as they might get in the way of your work. It can also help to place something between your body and the material that you are working on to deflect sparks away from you.

This is a safety precaution because if your clothes catch the sparks, there is a risk of you or your clothes being burned.


Always check your grinder and make sure that everything is in good condition before using it. Allot time for a quick inspection before plugging it into a power outlet or turning it on. 

If you are using a petrol operated grinder, check for any leaks to avoid serious consequences. Remember that in everything you do, always put safety as your top priority.

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