3 Tips to Sharpen Blades Using a Bench Grinder

A bench grinder is a very valuable tool for anyone who likes to do small projects as well as for those who spend a significant amount of time in woodworking. The bench grinder tool works with a grinding wheel that is spun at high-level speeds.

The wheel is usually used to trim off pieces of plastic, metal or wood and sharpen all kinds of blades including knives, mower blades, and saws.

People will often resort to using bench grinders to sharpen their knives because this option is a lot cheaper than buying a new set of knives at a department store.

It is usually important for a chef that they sharpen their knives instead of buying a new set, because sometimes sharpening their knives with a normal honing steel does not make their knives sharp enough for certain types of food.

If you are planning to sharpen any knife or piece of metal around your home to make household chores better and a lot easier, and you do not know how to do it, here are some tips on how to sharpen your blades efficiently without getting injured in any way:

Tips on how to use a bench grinder to sharpen blades

Like everything else in this world, it is always important that you know the basic rules and regulations when it comes to sharpening blades. A bench grinder is a very dangerous tool to use, and misusage of this piece of equipment can cause sever damage to your belongings.

If you are the type of person to experiment with tools around your house, and you want to use a bench grinder, always make sure that you use it the right way so that you do not end up chipping the blade that comes with your knife or lawn mower.

Be Sure of Your Angle

When it comes to using a bench grinder to sharpen blades, homeowners will often make the mistake of laying their blades flat on the bench grinder wheel. If you have been doing this for most of your grinding needs, then you have been doing it wrong. 

Always remember that you should never sharpen any blade with its side flush against the grinder. The effect will usually shine the blade but it will not make it sharp enough to cut. 

If you want to sharpen a piece of metal or blade the right way, you must always make sure that your blade is angled towards the grinding wheel. The recommended angle will be at a 45 degree angle so that you sharpening will be more effective.

Always make sure that you sharpen your blades correctly, because misuse of the bench grinder can severely damage your blades and make it unable to cut through anything.

Always Employ Natural Movement

If you have noticed, some knife blades that are flat have a certain curvature to their form. When you are using a bench grinder, always follow the curve that comes naturally with the blade.

When you sharpen the blade with the grinding wheel, it will automatically begin to pull the blade into it along the line.

It is important to know that you should not be fighting with the grinding wheel when it comes to grinding, always make sure that you follow the natural flow of the wheel. Also remember that you should not be making it sit in one place, because this can severely damage the blade.

You should also be moving along with the blade while you are grinding it so that you can follow the natural motion of the wheel.

When you start to grind the blade on the wheel, you will start to notice that it has a natural friction as well, do not fight it, because you can use this to your advantage to control the direction of the blade.

Always remember to move the blade along the grinding wheel in timed sequences, so that you will be able to sharpen you blade evenly.

Sometimes the blade does not become sharp enough when you do not use the natural flow of the wheel to sharpen the blade. Make sure that you do it correctly, so that you do not damage anything or hurt yourself through the process.

Allow the Bench Grinder to Do Its Job

The first reaction that most first time construction project workers will do with a bench grinder, is to put all their force into the blade that they are grinding. 

Always make sure that you do not put any kind of pressure to the blade while you are grinding it because this can cause the blade to chip off, thus ending up with you not being able to control the movement of the blade.

Always keep in mind that a bench grinding tool’s wheel moves at high speeds, and it is perfectly capable of sharpening your blade for you on its own, it will not need any force assistance, because this will just make your blade chip and break.

All you really need to do is angle it the right way so that the natural curve on the blade will get sharpened by itself.

Remember to Avoid Vice

Sometimes, due to the high speeds that can be associated with a bench grinder, it is often another gut instinct to use a vice. Some homeowners will use this to keep the blade in one place while they are sharpening it, which is wrong.

Always remember that sharpening a blade is a linear process, and will require some movement to get the best results.

In order for you to get the proper edge, your blade has to move naturally with the grinding wheel so that you can use the blade properly when you sharpen your knives or mowers.

Final words

The bench grinder is a very essential tool that you should keep in your garage or work shop at all times in case you want to repair something. This tool is highly recommended for home owners and construction workers, so that they will be able to sharpen anything and at anytime

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