Rockwell ShopSeries RC4700 Review in 2021

In domestic purposes, sometimes we find our self in a situation where we require welding. For example, it will not be logical to call a welder to weld a piece of protruding surfaces in our chairs which we can easily do it for ourselves.

Rockwell shopseries RC4700 angle grinder is a small grinder can use for domestic purposes. The grinder can also be used for training purposes especially for beginners who would like to practice welding.

Rockwell shopseries RC 4700 angle grinder is a small grinder which uses a current of up to six amperes and can be supplied by a voltage of 120 volts.

The grinder is small in size and runs at a no-load speed of 11000 rpm. Being lightweight grinder, it is easy to handle, and one can use it even to grid metal surfaces which are on the top of the building.

It is cheap in price and very flexible in its operation. The device requires less maintenance and can last for long periods of time.

Rockwell ShopSeries RC4700 Review


  • Uses less current thus economical
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Has a high operation speed thus it is very fast
  • It is cheap regarding cost and maintenance


  • Uses A.C power and not D.C power.

Rockwell ShopSeries RC4700 – Key Features

1. Operation Current

Current is the measure of the flow of charges and is measured in amperes. The higher the current used by the device, the more the device gets heated up and requires good insulation.

Rockwell Shopseries 4-1 angle grinder uses a current of 6 amperes which makes it cheap because it does not use more power.

The grinder will also be safe in its operation since currently is directly proportional to voltage and hence this small current implies that there is less voltage in the circuit.

2. Adjustable Work Rest and Eye Shield

Safety is the major concern of every individual who is using a machine that can harm any part of his or her body. The eye being one of the essential parts of the body will require maximum protection.

Rockwell shopseries 4-1 angle grinder has an adjustable work rest and an eye shield that will protect the users from injuries by any pieces of metals coming from the material being ground.

Also for ease handling of the material you are welding it will be necessary to hold it in a position which is flat. The grinder has an adjustable work rest which helps to a achieve this.

3. Adjustable Work/Tool Rest for Precision Control

While grinding, require adjustable tools for easy operation. To enable this Rockwell Shopseries 4-1 Angle Grinder has adjustable work tool and tool rest which is used for precision control. This gives an accurate output while welding.

The tool rest which is adjustable helps reduce the time which is used by other grinders to change the tool work. This makes the work being done to be completed faster.

4. No-Load Speed

The speed at which d.c machine moves will determine how faster the machine moves and how much work can be accomplished within a given period. Rockwell shopseries 4-1 angle grinder runs at a speed of 11000 r.p.m on no load.

This means that the grinder is very fast in its operation and will tend to give a larger output ithin a given period. Energy will be saved and hence reducing the expenses on electricity.

When carrying out welding, there are times we will require that we make some bores on our piece of work. Rockwell Shopseries-4-1 Angle Grinder has 718 disc bore which helps to achieve this.

The size of the bore varies from one size to the other and will depend on what size is required. The disc bore is made up of metallic and hence is very strong in its operation. This makes it more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the grinder consume power when running at no load speed?

Yes, because the grinder requires power for it to be switched on.

Can I use a battery to run my grinder?

You can use the battery but ensure you use an inverter to invert the d.c power to a.c power.

What is the precise size of the grinder that I require for my work?

The size of your grinder typically depends on the output or the nature of work you want to do.

Final Verdict

Since the size of works we do in grinding differs in size, and sometimes we may require doing grinding domestically, then we need a small grinder that will help us to achieve this work. Rockwell shopseries 4-1 angle grinder has all these features we need.

The grinder uses less power in its operation and hence it will not consume much power during its operation. This makes it more economical. The grinder is also light in weight which will make it easier to maneuver around with it. The price is fair, and thus, the grinder is economical.

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