Porter Cable PC60TAG Review in 2021

Are you looking for a grinder that will meet your expectations and will give you the value of your cash? If so then Porter-Cable PC60Tag Angle grinder is what you need.

Whether you are an electrician, contractor, plumber, or just anyone looking for a tool to help in grinding and cutting of metals, cleaning and smooth finishing of surfaces or tuck-pointing; this grinder is all you need.

It has a high-performance motor, user-friendly; easy to operate and the cost is relative. All these features and others which I will discuss in a while make this Angle grinder a perfect choice for you. You should consider getting such a grinder so as to increase your workmanship at the workshop.

From my experience, this grinder is among the best in the market regarding its functionality, speed, and durability. Give it a trial and you will love it.

Porter Cable PC60TAG Review


  • High-performance motor
  • User-friendly ergonomic design
  • Easy to operate
  • Relatively cheap
  • Has the longest warranty of three years


  • Comes with a grinding guard but not cutting off guard
  • No batteries for use in areas without electricity

Porter Cable PC60TAG – Key Features

1. High Speed

It has a high-speed motor rated at 6-amps. This motor is so powerful such that it produces a speed of 11000 revolutions per minute. The lower rating of 6-amps serves to save on energy.

Although the rating is a bit low, this motor is highly effective as compared to others with higher rating consuming more power. In short, this motor provides power throughout the job site with ease.

2. Sturdy Cast Metal Gear Case

Everyone hopes to get a strong and durable grinder for his or her grinding activities, and that is why the designers of the Porter cable angle grinder used a sturdy cast metal casing.

The gear case of this grinder is made of a very strong cast metal.This increases job site durability and tool longevity. The metal case also adds to the resilience around the workplace.

3. Safety

Safety is imperative to every worker, and it should be observed in any machine. For this reason, the Porter grinder is fitted with a tool-free tool guard for various reasons. It provides fast and easy guard removal.

It also helps in aligning the guard to control spark path in a proper way providing an extra safety feature. Also, the guard adds to the time saving that this tool provides.

4. Spindle Lock Feature

The grinder has a spindle lock feature which allows for single wrench bit change. This is very useful as it helps in saving tile on the job site.

This tool can also be used as cutting off tool when you change the guard, and its comfortable grip adds to its functionality as it helps in lessening fatigue during work.

5. Warranty and Lightweight

The grinder comes with a three-year limited warranty unlike other common ones in the market whose warranty is only limited to one year. Out of this, one-year is a free service contract given to the buyer and a ninety-day money back guarantee.

The weight of the grinder is only 4.1 pounds. This is very light; making this machine suitable for overhead works and tight space workings. It also helps in lessening the user fatigue when you work for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum voltage rating of this machine? Can I use 240 V supply available in my country?

The maximum operating voltage is 120V. Using 240 V will destroy the motor windings. You will need some modifications to step down the voltage from 240 V to 120V.

I do not like conspicuous colors in a machine like a grinder, so what exactly is the color of this grinder?

The color of the grinder is gray, not conspicuous as such.

Can I use this grinder where there is no Ac power?

The answer is no. The grinder is electric-powered and does not support a battery which only produces dc.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Porter Cable PC60TAG Angle Grinder is a great machine which when you have in your workshop will improve your workmanship. From my experience, it has improved my performance in the workshop by over 80%.

I have used it now for almost a year, and I have never experienced any notable problem worth mentioning. I consider it a great purchase for anyone in the industry of engineering whether you are a contractor, plumber, electrician or just anyone looking for an affordable, strong and a nice grinder.​

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