Makita XAG01Z Review in 2021

Makita XAG01Z Lithium Ion Cordless Cut off Grinder is a grinder with a compact and ergonomic design which carries out grinding purposes. It has a compact barrel grip for easy handling and an inbuilt motor which delivers up to 10000 rpm for faster grinding.

The grinder is fully protected, by an inbuilt Led circuit which protects the motor making a person who is using the grinder to be fully protected. The grinder has no battery included with it, and this helps reduce fatigue to the operator and makes it also lighter regarding weight.

Makita XAG01Z Review


  • Safe in its operation because of the inbuilt led circuit
  • Light regarding weight making it easier to move with it
  • Has a compact and ergonomic design hence stronger
  • Moves with a high speed thus faster grinding
  • Easy to handle because of the compact barrel grip


  • Uses only a.c source of power

Makita XAG01Z – Key Features

1. Compact Barrel Grip

While using the grinder the operator need to be safe while handling it. Makita Xag01z Lithium Ion Cordless Cut Off Grinder has a compact barrel grip which makes handling it to be much easier.

The Compact barrel grip is a bad conductor of heat and hence does not get hot. This makes it easy to work for a long period and also protect the hand of the operator.

2. Built-in Led

LED are displays which give an output regarding light. The light is different in color and red color will usually indicator a danger state. Makita Xag01z Lithium Ion Cordless Cut Off Grinder has an inbuilt led circuit used for protection purposes.

When the LED indicates red in color, then it shows that the grinder has a certain fault which needs to be corrected with an immediate effect. This makes the device very secure in its operation and even to the person operating it.

3. Motor

The motor is an electric device use to convert electric energy into motion to impact movement to some parts of a machine or the whole machine. Various motors will produce various torque and the higher the torque; the more force will be produced.

Makita Xag01z Lithium Ion Cordless Cut Off Grinder has a motor which runs at a speed of 10,000rpm making this grinder befaster in its operation and completing a large task in the shortest time possible.

4. Compact and Ergonomic Design

For stability purposes, the machine needs to be made with a compact design to make it stronger in its operation. Some parts of the grinder like the cutter are movable, and hence, they need to be fixed strongly to avoid accidents as a result of them coming out of their position.

Makita Xag01z Lithium Ion Cordless Cut Off Grinder is designed in such a way that it is true and that no parts are flexible. This makes it long lasting.

5. Light in Weight

To facilitate quick and faster movement, Makita Xag01z Lithium Ion Cordless Cut Off Grinder weighs about 15.01 lbs and the battery is not included and it uses a.c power.

Lack of the battery in its design makes it lighter and easier to move without causing fatigue to the operator, and he or she can do a lot of grinding works. The device thus becomes more efficient than the other grinders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the motor runs at the high speed is energy consumption high?

No the speed of a machine does not affect the power consumption of a machine.

When the built-in led indicators red what does this mean?

This means that there is a problem with the grinder, and the operator should check to correct the problem.

Can I use my generator to power the grinder?

Yes but only when you are using an inverter.

Final Verdict

Since all of us will require high output in our production and also spend less time during the production, then we require a machine that will help us achieve this. Makita Xag01z Lithium Ion Cordless Cut Off Grinder has all features required to achieve the above objectives.

The device is safe in its operation and hence fewer injuries might occur as a result of this device. The grinder is long-lasting because of its compactness and hence proves to be long-lasting. Hence Makita Xag01z is the choice.

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