Kawasaki 841428 Review in 2021

If you are looking for a cheap variable speed grinder that does the best job for you, then I suggest that you consider the Kawasaki 841428 4-1/2 inch S Angle 7.5 Amp Grinder. I have a great experience using this grinder and it lasts for long.

The Kawasaki 841428 grinder arrives with all the appropriate packages of all the parts, and their descriptions are available and ready to use. You will find the unit comfortable to use over a long period with less or no finger fatigue, actually, this makes me happy when am using it.

I use the Kawasaki grinder almost two years now, and I am pleased with my right choice. This is a perfect grinder for any homeowner who is devoted to getting his work done with best and smooth surfaces. 

Kawasaki 841428 Review


  • Variable speed
  • Affordable
  • Fast
  • Guarantees good shipping
  • Portable and easy to carry around


  • Has a metal shield behind it that makes contact with the grinder hence requires a grinder

Kawasaki 841428 – Key Features

1. Three Sides Handle Positions

You will find the Kawasaki 841428 4-1/2 inch S Angle 7.5 Amp Grinder consisting of three side handle positions. In it, you will get a soft touch housing which helps the grinder to take a sting out of any job that you want to do.

The side handle has a very significant role when it enables you to improve the precision of the grinder. With this, you are sure to have better-grinding results.

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2. Good Quality

The Kawasaki 841428 has a high quality that makes its work great and commendable. The Manufacturers use the best quality standards when they design this grinder to ensure it has indeed the best quality.

This grinder works much better than the other similar grinders on the market; I use this grinder, and I recommend that you will buy it, and you will be able to make quick work and tough grinding and cutting tasks with this superior Kawasaki 7.5 Amp grinder.

3. Tested for Quality

The durable Kawasaki 841428 4-1/2 inch S Angle 7.5 Amp Grinder comes with a very powerful 7.5 Amp motor. It is built with a very strong body that prevents rusting and any scratches that may shorten its lifespan.

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I am using this Kawasaki 841428 4-1/2 inch variable speed Angle grinder for two years now and is still intact. It is made of sturdy materials that improve their durability.

4. Wheel Diameter of 4-1/2 Inch

You will find this feature only in the Kawasaki angle grinders. With this amazing design, the grinder can accept all 5/8 Inch by 4-1/2 inches grinding and also cutting wheels.

The wide diameter makes it compatible for use with any size of cutting wheel that you may want to fit provided it lies between the range of 5/8 and 4-1/2 Inches.

5. Lock on Switch

This angle grinder has come out to be the best product you will ever encounter on the market today. It is versatile and offers much precision that you may require for grinding.

For optimum operation, the grinder has a lock on the switch that enhances that and makes your life happy. I can assure you that with this grinder, you will not think of going for any other at all.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The grinder works only when I increase the operating speed to the maximum, but when I reduce to around 5 and below, it does not turn on. Is there any problem with this?

I would say yes. I use that grinder, and I do not have the problem at all.

Can this grinder cut through ¼ inch steels?

Yes it can. No problem if you use it.

What is the size of brushes does this grinder require?

It requires any 4-1/2 inch brushes that work provided they are compatible.

Final Verdict

The above discussed is a top rated grinder which is a model that proves time, and again it can outweigh the other grinders. The price is reasonable.

This type of grinder is an ideal for the enthusiastic handyman who requires a tool that has a design for professional performance level, more so it is convenient enough to work with by the average handyman.

They are standard for all types of tasks within the house. This angle grinder is versatile, user-friendly and above all, it lasts longer.​

If you are going for the best angle grinder, then the guidelines will work out better for you. It is better to be prepared when buying any tool for grinding so that you don’t mess up with yourself by purchasing something that does not suit your needs.​

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