Hitachi G12VA Review in 2021

Have you ever wondered about getting a grinder which can multi-task for you, a grinder which will do everything for you whether it is woodwork, metalwork, concrete, drilling, cutting or just fastening jobs?

Hitachi G12VA Angle Grinder is the solution to all your queries. Of course, this grinder will deliver to your expectation. It is designed to the highest standards, and it has undergone rigorous tests for both performance and durability.

This angle grinder will provide you with a professional grade power tool for various applications mentioned above.

Over the years, the designers of this grinder have worked so hard to improve the quality of craftsmanship worldwide and with Hitachi G12VA Angle Grinder, you are assured of this quality which the Hitachi designers have been fighting for.

Now that you already know how good this grinder is, read ahead to get to know its features and see if they will meet your expectations and purchase one.

Hitachi G12VA Review


  • Great performance
  • Lightweight for overhead applications and tight spaces
  • Has variable speed drive
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Has a powerful motor rated at 13-amps


  • Maximum operating voltage is 120 V only

Hitachi G12VA – Key Features

1. 13-Amp Motor

We all want a powerful machine, and that is why Hitachi G12VA Angle Grinder has a very powerful motor rated at 13-amps. This produces a power of 1500 watts to drive the motor at a very high speed.

The powerful motor of this grinder differentiates it from other grinders with low ratings making this grinder a better option. The voltage supply it can handle is 120V.

2. Variable Speed Drive

When working with any grinder, it will be a nice thing if you have control of your grinding speed. A machine which you can easily select the speed you want is preferred over the others.

For that reason, Hitachi G12VA Angle Grinder has a variable speed drive which allows the user to set the revolutions per minute one wishes to have.

3. Anti-Vibration Side Handle

When you work for long hours grinding or cutting things, it will reach a point where only a good machine can maintain you moving on.

A machine that will not expose your hands to much vibration is what you will require, and that machine is Hitachi G12VA Angle Grinder. It also comes with a kick-back protection and tool-less wheel guard for your safety.

4. Lightweight Design

A lightweight design in any grinding machine will enable you to work your way out to those tight spaces of the work. It will also facilitate excellent overhead applications.

Hitachi G12VA Angle Grinder weighs 4.4 pounds only making it suitable for overhead applications and working in any tight spaces. It, therefore, enhances maneuverability in general.

5. Warranty and Accessories

The Hitachi G12VA Angle Grinder comes with a one-year warranty to cover for all the parts. This is useful especially if you purchase it and after sometimes it starts misbehaving.

All you can do is to return it to the supplier and get a replacement or your money back. Also, it comes with accessories like two side handles, wheel guard, spanner wrench and an abrasive depressed center wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I power this grinder from a battery source?

The grinder is electric-powered, but it does not use dc power produced by the battery.

Does it come with grinding and cutting blades?

No, it only comes with grinding blades. Cutting blades can be purchased separately.

What is the maximum supply voltage? Can I supply it with 240V?

The maximum supply voltage is 120 V. you cannot supply it with more than this because you may burn the motor winding.

Final Verdict

As I conclude on this particular grinder review, I believe you have read for yourself those exciting features discussed above and understood well.

I will not convince to purchase this grinder but trust me it is among the best and if you have been searching for a nice portable grinder for your woodwork, metalwork, concrete, drilling, cutting or fastening then you better consider this one a great purchase.​

From experience, it has improved workmanship in my workshop, and I can loudly say without fear that it should be priced more than the current price due to its functionality.​

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