Drill Master Angle Grinder Review in 2021

Have you ever wondered why some people have higher performance in their workshops compared to others? If so then you should know that it is because they use the right tools in whatever they do.

The Drill Master is one such tool to employ in your workshop if you wish to have a higher performance and outshine other workshop owners who compete with you in the production of the woodwork, metalwork, cuttings and surface finishing.

Drill Master grinder will give you the optimum performance, and when you have in place, all your competitors will want to know why you work is very smooth and attractive to the eye.

If you sell your works to customers, then you will have more customers. You will attract more and more with each day that passes by. The following features will illustrate to you how powerful this machine can be in your workshop. Enjoy reading.

Drill Master Angle Grinder Review


  • Affordable
  • High speed
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Safe to handle


  • The motor rating is low

The Drill Master Angle Grinder Features

1. High Speed

The grinder is designed with a motor whose revolutions per minute are very high about 11,000.

The high speed will help in fast stock removal, and it will save your time since you will be able to undertake a heavy task and complete it within a short period. I love the high speed, and it is highly effective for my works.

2. 4.2-Amp Motor

The motor of this grinder is rated at 4.2 amps. This means that the maximum current it can take is about that figure. The rating is a bit smaller but trusts me it will greatly save you on power.

The motor is very powerful despite the small rating, and it gives a higher speed of 11000 rpm, unlike other highly rated motor which will use more power and produce the same rpm.

3. Handle

The grinder has a removable side handle which makes it easy for replacement when necessary. The handle also has a nice grip which ensures your safety when using it.

It is strong and durable and rarely will you think of a replacement. Another feature I cannot leave out at this point is the ease to which carbon brushes can be replaced.

4. Safety

The grinder is safe to use. You only need to be a little careful while using it. It has a guard that directs sparks away from your eyes while using it. Therefore, at all times, you are protected.

Safety first and everything else follows in a workshop and at any workplace. The safety is further enhanced by the addition of the spindle lock feature which facilitates fast and easy wheel change.

5. Lightweight

The grinder is the most lightweight of all the grinders I have used in my life. With as low as 3.9 pounds, this grinder will allow you to accomplish overhead applications with ease.

Its light weight will also enhance your access to tight spaces of the workplace. It is, therefore, ideal for your workshop if all you are looking for is lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 4.2-Amp rating mean regarding performance?

This is the maximum current that the motor winding can comfortably accommodate without burning. Any value above this will result in the motor burning. It contributes to performance in that the higher it is, the better the machine but the more power you will use.

What is the maximum voltage rating of this grinder?

The maximum voltage supply is 120 V. You should never supply any voltage beyond this, otherwise, you risk destroying the grinder.

Can I use this grinder to cut metals?

Yes, this is a metal cutting angle grinder, but you can also use it for other works like surface finishing.

Final Verdict

In conclusion to this review, I would like to stress that this grinder was a great purchase for me, and it will serve you well too accordingly. I have been with it for more than a year and some months but have never experienced any problem.

I will recommend it to anyone be it an electrician, plumber, contractors or just any other person who wants to uplift himself in the field of grinding and get quality products.

As you make your decision, do not forget to look at the features you want in a machine. Features are what will make your tool useful and attractive to you.

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