7 Die Grinder Safety Rules You Should Keep in Mind

Power tools are some of the most useful things invented. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes for various purposes, all aiming to be of help in whatever it is that you need to be done. There’s no denying that they make constructing and creating objects a lot easier and more efficient.

However, as they also use a lot of power to get things done, they’re also among the most dangerous things available. Die grinders, for one, could really hurt you when mishandled. Taking pains in being careful around these things is important.

7 Die Grinder Safety Rules

1. Understand Your Tools Properly

Your safety starts with the understanding of what your die grinder can do. Again, power tools have a wide array of purposes.

Understanding what a die grinder can do will give you a good idea how this thing can hurt you. If you know how it works, you can already avoid carelessly using the tool.

Try to learn how fast yours can go before anything else. It’s RPM will help you determine what kind of cutters you can use with the unit and how well you can be able to handle it.

2. Always Wear Eye, Face, Hearing and Skin protection

When using a handheld power tool, it’s very important to put on safety gears to keep yourself safe. Eye protection is necessary, so make sure to wear goggles.

You should also put on a face shield to completely cover your face, especially if you’ll be working with metal. The sparks will definitely fly all over, so facial protection is necessary.

Wearing gloves and a long-sleeved shirt can also help protect your arms and hands. Just make sure to use a pair of gloves with a steady grip, so your die grinder won’t slip off and cause a bigger accident.

A long-sleeved shirt can also help protect your skin from possible burns and cuts die grinding can cause.

3. Always Make Sure to Secure the Bits Properly

Die grinding involves the use of different kinds of cutters and bits that you have to attach to the actual power tool. As these things are interchangeable, you have to make sure to securely attach everyone before you turn on the die grinder.

This way, you won’t have to put yourself at risk of getting hurt by a rogue drill bit or a cutting wheel.

To secure the cutters, using wrenches can help. Tightly screw them into place and give them a little shake to make sure that they’re properly attached.

4. Never Use Accessories that are Not Suitable

There are several accessories that you can use with your die grinder but not everything that’s available in the market will suit your unit.

Make sure to check if the cutter you’re eyeing is compatible with the unit that you own so you can be sure that you’ll be able to get the most out of the attachment.

Some grinders have high RPMs so you have to make sure to only use compatible bits with it. Not doing this might cause an accident with the cutter warping or getting damaged. This can hurt and injure you as well as damage your die grinder, so avoiding such is a must.

5. Keep Your Power Tools away from Children

Like other power tools, it is integral that you keep it out of reach of kids. Even if the unit is already unplugged and disassembled, it’s hefty weight can still hurt little kids. Make sure to always store it somewhere your kids won’t find it.

6. Never Use a Die Grinder While You’re Not Feeling Well

Just like driving, using power tools while you’re groggy, sleepy, drowsy, or feeling sick is strongly discouraged. Power tools require your full attention if you wish to use them.

Doing otherwise can hurt or injure you, so if you’re not in your top shape, just skip working with these things altogether.

7. Turn Off and Unplug the Die Grinder While Switching Cutters

It might seem excessive to some, but turning off and unplugging a power tool before switching accessories is an important safety precaution. Turning the power tool off is essential as you can’t do a proper job of attaching a cutter to the die grind while the attachment is still rotating.

Unplugging it may seem too much, but as you’ll never know when accidents may happen, you have to be extra careful around power tools. Doing this will guarantee that your power tool won’t accidentally turn itself on and hurt you while you try to tweak it according to your needs.

Final Words

Creating something is a very satisfying hobby. Using power tools to get the job done is even more exciting. However, with the nature of the power tools, you have to make sure to be very careful in using one.

Even the seemingly innocuous die grinder should be handled with your safety first. All in all, your safety should always be paramount than any task or project at hand.​

The best way to keep yourself safe while using power tools is to make sure to be fully familiar with the power tool you’ll be using. Die grinders aren’t that hard to work with, so you won’t have a problem being careful around it.​

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