DEWALT DWE4011 Review in 2021

Angle grinders are very vital and efficient tools that any handyman should possess. Once you own this remarkable tool, you enjoy a wide range of functions it plays and knows the difference between having one and not having.

It may be difficult for you to know the best grinder out there but I at this moment comfortably inform you that the DEWALT DWE4011 4-1/2 inch Small Angle Grinder is the most appropriate tool you will find suitable.

This is a top rated grinder and does not take much time searching for any other model apart from this. This grinder turns out to be the most popular product for grinding and cutting.

You will enjoy working with this slim, having an ergonomic body design that provides an increased comfort and extended use applications.

DEWALT DWE4011 Review


  • Easy to use it
  • Durable and versatile
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly efficient


  • Does not come with a casing

Key Features of the dewalt dwe4011 Angle Grinder

1. One-touch Guard

The one touch guarantee feature allows you to turn the guard simply to adjust its position. You can do this without any need of pushing the buttons or opening latches for motion.

This grinder is particularly suitable for mechanical contractors who may need to perform a variety of applications within a limited space like beveling and grinding.

2. Low Profile

The DEWALT DWE4011 4-1/2 inch Small Angle Grinder has a low profile and a jam-pot gear case that makes it stable and more durable.

This also allows you to fit it into tight spaces when you want to do beveling. I enjoy this grinder when it comes to fitting it in tight spaces since it gives me an ample time when fixing it.

3. Hex Wrench

This grinder unit has a hex wrench that replaces the spanner wrench. It is obvious that you may not easily find the spanner wrench in most grinder tool boxes. This unit brings to you a wrench that will be easily available.

In case you lose your wrench, you can find it easily if you know a friend that uses any other type of grinder. This makes me feel happy and stress-free since when my hex wrench has some mechanical problem, I use one of my friend’s wrench.

4. Dust Ejection System

With the dust ejection system available in this grinder, you will get an ultimate durability. The dust that goes out and any debris that may damage the tool are easily ejected from this system.

Find out how to clean your grinder with a wire brush.

With due concern, this grinder is clearly the most popular, and you cannot compare it to any other. Buy it and you will see how long you will use it until you feel like you are in a new world.

5. High Performance

It has a corded 4-1/2 inch design that plays a role in preventing the dust from entering into the air vents enhancing high performance.

Moreover, it has a high rated motor that works efficiently and prevents any case of overload. With this amazing feature, I find it easy to use this grinder, and you will enjoy once you buy yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this safe come with bolts/ screw for securing it in place?

No., unfortunately, it does not have any casing.

What are some of the accessories does this unit come with?

It comes with an obvious side handle and an easily re-locatable protective shield. I use many of these, and this stands to be the best.

Does this safe come with bolts/ screw for securing it in place?

Yes. I do this personally, and I can assure you it does well. You can use a bench grinder for stability purposes.

Final Verdict

Dewalt creates one of the best and top rated angle grinders on the market. With its outstanding features like the reduction of vibration, handles make its operation easier. This unit outperforms the other grinders available on the market, with aa reasonable price that does not drain your pocket.

It is with confidence I say that this model is ideal for the avid handyman as it will build his professionalism. It is faultless for all kinds of work available in your shop due to their versatility and ease of use.

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