DEWALT DC411B Review in 2021

This is a well-designed model of cutting grinding tool which constitutes of a high-rated motor whose speed is 8,000 revolutions per minute for thorough cutting and grinding applications.

This machine tool also has a special jam-pot low profile gear case which provides precise gear alignment for a smoother and quiet transmission while allowing access to tight spaces.

The machine tool which employs a quick-change wheel release mechanism that allows tool free wheel removal.

In addition to these features, the Grinding-machine has a great design that it has a convenient trigger switch with lock-off Burton for easier gripping.

This is meant optimally increased comfort. It is also incorporated with a 2-positioned side handle which assists in providing control in different positions.

The device is well guarded using a tool-free technique that makes safe adjustments very possible. The cutting tool has a powerful bare tool item – battery that is sold separately.

DEWALT DC411B Review


  • Small in size but powerful tool
  • Inexpensive
  • Well balanced
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • Has maximum cutting height


  • Hard to find a wood cutting wheel that fits on it

Key Features of the DEWALT DC411B

1. 2-Position Side Handle

The Dewalt Bare- ToolDC411B 4-1/2 Inch 18-volt cordless cut-off tool has been well constructed in a way that it has a double side handle.

This feature enables effective control over the machine in that it can be operated in different positions with minimal complications. This makes the device more flexible and hence greatly favorable and comfortable to the operators.

2. Efficient Motor Produces 8,000 rpm

The Dewalt Bare- Tool DC411B 4-1/2 Inch 18-volt cordless cut-off tool is smartly designed with a highly rated performing motor that runs at a speed of 8,000 revolutions per minute.

The motor produces the optimum speed needed for sufficient machine operation which in turn yields the optimum output. This motor is very efficient and reliable for the machine since it is noise-free with minimum vibrations.

3. Carbon Steel Bimetal Saw

This model of the cordless cutting tool is well designed with stiff and strong Carbon steel bimetal saw with the band saw blade that provides effective saw cutting.

This bi-metal cutting saw is greatly adapted to it in that it is hard enough to resist any damage that might be caused by hard surfaces. It also has a special design of cutting edge and angular modifications which suit different material saw cutting.

4. Great 18-Volt Cordless Power Source

This powerful model of the cordless cut-off tool is characterized by a powerful Power Performance of the 18V system of tools and components.

This set up is powered by a lithium-ion battery type which delivers a high performance and efficient use of the tool to meet the needs of the market. However, this great 18v powered system of tools meets the performance rate that you need at the relatively low prices.

5. Aluminum Double Headed Cutting Saw

This model has a special designed Aluminum profile system incorporated with a Digital Display Double MITRECutting Saw, which has large saws of Cutting Length approximately: 400mm with maximum Cutting width and highest Cutting height.

The tool is also designed with an optimal Cutting angle ranging from 45°- 90°. This ensures increased comfort for anyone who uses this cutting tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool have a non-locking Burton switch like other corded or a variable speed pressure switch like in drills?

No, it has a pull trigger switch which facilitates easier gripping.

Is the height adjustable?

No, it is just permanently set to maximum.

Does the machine come with the cover for its protection?

No, it does not.

Final Verdict

The Dewalt Bare- Tool DC411B 4-1/2 Inch 18-volt cordless cut-off tool is a great machine with a very high-performance rate displayed by many customers who have purchased and used it.

The majority of them greatly express their satisfaction with the product. The satisfactory urge is depicted by the positive comments they post on our website on how the high rated and comfortable this product is.​

In my opinion, therefore, I would wish to recommend this product to any customer who wishes to make their work easier and more efficient by using such an advanced product.​

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