14 Cylindrical Grinder Safety Rules Keep in Mind

When you want to shape the outside of any object, then you need to use a cylindrical grinder. Using this type of machine involves expert care and skill. There are safety rules for using cylindrical grinder. The practice of cylindrical grinding started more than a century ago.

The military use the cylindrical grinder to make various aircraft tools and equipment. Likewise, baseball bat manufacturers use it to shape the baseball bats we use in school. Indeed, the cylindrical grinder can be used in shaping almost anything.

It can work on different objects, as long as these can be rotated. The cylindrical grinding machine is able to shape these objects with great accuracy.

Safety Rules for Using Cylindrical Grinder

As cited earlier, using the cylindrical grinder involves great skill and practice. If you are not careful, you could end up with an accident or a serious injury. And so, here are some rules that you should follow whenever you use a cylindrical grinder:

1. Stay Alert at All Times

As simple as it may sound, the act of staying alert could save you a lot of pain and trouble. It only takes a split second to lose your focus, make a mistake, and get into an accident. To avoid this, make sure that you are not tired, or worse, drunk, when you use a cylindrical grinder.

2. Wear Proper Attire

Wear only loose clothing when you work so that you can move with ease and comfort. Avoid wearing any jewelry or accessory that can be caught in the machine. If you have long hair, tie it up or keep in under a cap to avoid accidents.

3. Avoid Starting by Accident

A lot of problems begin with the accidental switching on of the cylindrical grinder. Keep this from happening by making sure that the machine is switched off before you plug it in. Avoid carrying tools as you switch the machine on because this could cause an accident.

4. Keep Your Balance

It is important to keep your balance and proper footing the whole time. When your body is balanced, you are in a better position to control the machine at all times. Avoid overreaching with your arms or legs whenever you work.

5. Wear Protective Clothing

It always wise to add layers of protection before you work. This includes wearing a face shield, a pair of safety glasses, and working gloves. Don’t forget to wear a hard hat, a dust mask, and a pair of steel toe boots when you need them.

6. Use the Wheel Guard

The wheel guard can protect you from broken fragments as you use the grinding machine. Use it and position it properly so you can work with safety.

7. Use the Right Speed

Your speed when using a cylindrical grinder should be at least max. 80m/s. If you operate the machine at a higher speed, the wheel and other parts could fly apart. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you use the right speed.

8. Keep Both Hands on the Machine

Keep both of your hands on the cylindrical grinder the whole time that you are using it. This can help you maintain balance and proper footing. Make sure that the side handle is installed whenever you use the machine.

9. Practice Fire Safety

The sparks caused by the grinding process can lead to an accidental fire. To avoid this, protect flammable substances in your area with flame-resistant covers. Likewise, don’t forget to install fire extinguishers in your work area in case of emergencies.

10. Perform a Test Run

Every time that you change a part or tool, make sure that you do a test run first. You can do this by operating the grinder for about 30 seconds.

Before this, see to it that nobody is near your work area.Furthermore, remember that even after you switch off the machine, the grinder will still run for about five seconds. And so, keep your hands away from the grinder until it comes to a complete stop.

11. Ensure That Your Accessories Meet Standard Requirements

Learn about the standard requirements for accessories before you replace them. Make sure that the diameter of the grinding disc is the right size. Likewise, avoid using any reducers or adapters.

12. Use the Proper Tool Each Time

Always use the right tool for each kind of work. You shouldn’t “force tool” or apply the wrong machine for the job. This will only end up breaking your tool.

13. Unplug the Machine Before Making Any Changes

Before you make any adjustments, do not forget to switch off and unplug the machine first. This should also be done before you store your machine or replace any accessories. These simple steps can help prevent accidents and ensure your safety.

14. ​Use Only Compatibles Parts and Accessories

As much as possible, use only parts and accessories that are made by the same manufacturer. By doing this, you can be sure that these parts are compatible with the model of the machine. You can also be sure that these accessories are of good quality.

Actions of a Cylindrical Grinder

Aside from following these safety rules, you should also be familiar with the different actions of a cylindrical grinder. For the machine to work, it involves four major actions:

First, the object should be rotating at a constant pace.

Second, the wheel of the grinder should also be rotating constantly.

The third action involves “feeding” the wheel of the grinder towards and away from the object.

Fourth, either the wheel of the grinder or the object moves with respect to the other.

All of these actions take place whenever you use a cylindrical grinder.

Final Words

When it comes to using a cylindrical grinder, the importance thing is to be safe at all times. Wearing the proper gear, using the right tools, and knowing every part of the machine are just some of the things you need to do. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Remember that the biggest problems start out as small mistakes. To avoid any accident or injury, make sure that you follow these safety rules for using cylindrical grinder. Moreover, clean and maintain your machine regularly to prolong its usage.

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