5 Best Cordless Angle Grinders for Pros & DIYers in 2021

The world is advancing to the professional tools. There exist many cordless angle grinders that you can find in the market with different qualities and prices. In most cases, people purchase the best cordless angle grinder that will be suitable and meet the minimum requirements.

As much as you will find many brands in the market, one thing you have to know is that each has its unique advantages and innovations.

Finding the best battery powered angle grinder is an important section of getting your right tools for any handyman who uses well one continuously. Greatest of all is that there are several tools you can get in the market and most of them provide exceptional levels of quality.

You can be able to purchase a cordless angle grinder that will fit your needs, and that will also work well with your budget.

Best Cordless Angle Grinders – Reviews

To get a top quality cordless angle grinder, you do not have to struggle. Consider the following reviewed that will guide you to purchase the one suitable for you to enjoy grinding.

1. Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Cordless Angle Grinder

The Dewalt DCG412B grinder is a tool that is typically suitable for professionals, contractors, and even electricians.

This cordless grinder has an ideal level of performance and reliability that you can use them again and again in demanding environments. You can also use the grinder in various maintenance operations.

2-Finger Trigger Switch

The Dewalt DCG412B grinder offers a 2-finger trigger switch with a lock-off button for convenient activation and easier gripping.

Powerful Motor

The Dewalt DCG412B has a powerful motor that provides high power for cutting and grinding applications. The robust power makes your work incredible, and you will find it interesting to do your job.

Quick Change Wheel Release

The grinder features a quick-change wheel release which allows for tool free wheel changes without the need of having a wrench. This makes it easy when you want to do some modifications on your wheel; you do not require any tool.

2-Position Side-Handle

The Dewalt DCG412B cordless grinder comes with a 2-position side handle that offers an excellent control, comfort, and versatility. This enables you to use the grinder in standard applications like cutting and grinding metals.

2. PORTER CABLE PCC761B 20-volt MAX Lithium Cordless Angle Grinder

This grinder has a 20 V motor that is capable of doing great jobs; it is also incredibly comfortable to hold, and you can change the individual tools quickly. You can rely on this instrument because it offers enough power for most household uses.

Powerful Motor

The porter cable PCC761B grinder features a high-performance motor which produces 8,500 revolutions per minute for aggressive cutting, finishing and removal.

Cast Metal Gear Housing

The cast metal gear housing of this cordless angle grinder helps dissipate heat during extended use. You do not have to worry if you want to do more work with one grinder. It also has a tool-free guard that makes adjustments easy and quick.

3-Position Side Handle

The handle provides more comfort along with a 3-position side handle that helps in the provision of control in multiple positions. You do not have to keep turning when you are doing a job, and this increases optional comfort.

Spindle Lock

The porter cable grinder features a spindle lock that enables you to access quickly and for easy wheel changes.

3. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC411B 18-Volt Cordless Angle Grinder

The Dewalt DC411B is a high, sturdy and no-nonsense cordless grinder whose design meets all the challenges of cutting from rebar that is rusty and steel beams all the way too flexible threaded rod and colored angle iron. The wheels are perfectly engineered to cut and grind metal.

Powerful Motor

The grinder features a powerful motor that runs at 6,500 revolutions per minute. It’s abrasive 4-1/2 inch diameter wheel slices through most metals cleanly and quickly.

Its versatility will allow you clean, smoother, shape and finish a wide variety of materials including steel.

Bare Tool

The DEWALT DC411B  does not come with a battery or charger. It is compatible with the DC9096 18-Volt XPR battery pack and DW9117 15-minute charger.

Product Warranty

This grinder has a three-year warranty that will cover any defects of your tool and a one-year free service contract. You are free to take your tool for maintenance and replacement of worn out parts.

2-Position Side Handle

The grinder has a 2-position side handle that offers comfort and control of your grinder. It also features a low profile gear case that provides precise gear alignment.

4. Makita XAG01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Angle Grinder

The Makita XAG01Z cordless angle Grinder delivers high and compact power to your working tool. It is engineered to grind, cut and sand various materials like the concrete, conduit, pipes and other materials.

It is ideal for masonry, setters and even electricians not forgetting the welders. This grinder one of the best cordless angle grinders you need to consider due to its versatility.

Barrel Grip

The grinder features a compact barrel grip for easy handling of your tool. It will not slip and fall when you are doing a job on metals. This is a fantastic feature because it guarantees your safety.

Compact or Ergonomic Design

The machine has a design that makes it little bulky at the front which is helpful when you are grinding. With the light weight feature due to its compactness, you can immensely hold it comfortable due to its portability.

LED Protection Circuit

The Makita XAGOIZ has led protection circuit that is next to the fuel gauge which lights up when the machine is operating in the high torques. The fuel gauge is on top of the engine, and it shows the battery power left.

Powerful Motor

This cordless angle grinder has a powerful motor. Makita-built motor delivers ten thousand revolutions per minute that enhance faster grinding. The engine is very efficient regarding battery usage.

5. Hitachi G18DSLP4 18-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Angle Grinder

A lot of guys complain that cordless angle grinders aren’t exactly convenient to use, as they often don’t have the necessary power to keep grinding tasks taking too long.

But that’s not true of the Hitachi G18DSLP4. You can use it even in tight spaces where power outlets aren’t available, while working comfortably.

Safety Features

The Hitachi angle grinder also comes with safety features that do more than just protect you. It also helps prolong its lifespan. This angle grinder comes with a safety zero voltage reset and protection against over-current.

Ample Power

The motor is powered by an 18V lithium ion battery, and it’s strong enough to do many types of tasks. You can cut pipe or rebar, or groove concrete and stone. It’s even powerful enough to let you grind masonry and metal.

Its speed and torque are equal to the task, and the battery lets you do more work for each charge.

Comfy to Use

This is a lightweight tool and it’s compact too. That makes it less tiring to handle. It also helps that the barrel grip comes with a small diameter so you can grasp it more easily. It’s even wrapped in soft elastomer, so you have a hold that’s resistant to slipping.

Cordless Angle Grinders – Buying Guide

Unit Size

Like any other tool, the size of your cordless angle grinder can affect how you can use it or even how much you can be happy. Check that the unit can fit well in your hand and have an efficient shape that can allow you to work each job tirelessly without any problem.

Disc Size

The greater the unit’s disc, the more the power comes from the motor. Choose a drive that will produce a high power and enable you do work faster. For cordless angle grinders, the unit may suitably fit in a small disc making them work well with better precision for fewer jobs.

Power Source

You can power the corded angle grinders in various ways; these grinders are highly convenient than the corded varieties.

Those angle grinders that are battery powered are easier to move around while using them and you can easily move with them from one place to another. You have to take note of this critical point depending on the type of job you need to handle.


The cordless angle grinders are powerful tools, so when you are buying one, make sure it has the safety features.

Some of the standard features include; spindle locks, dust ejection systems, and paddle switches among much more. Your grinder should have all these unique features in its controls to help protect yourself.

Other Considerations

  • Speed of the grinder disc
  • Consider accessories and wheels
  • Ease of use
  • Look at the level of comfort
  • The price of the unit

Final Words

I have known about the various grinders in my profession, some of them are light while others are bulky. Another interesting thing you need to know is that every grinder has its distinguishing features.

In my review, I have considered the best cordless angle grinders that you can choose from. You can find the best from the list above which you think will fit your job, and the statistics I have given are from my experience.

Hopefully, the above information will help you out in case you find yourself in a daunting situation to choose wisely. It is good that you know the details of the tool you like before purchasing it to avoid any regret.

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