5 Best Angle Grinder for Welders in 2021 – Tested & Reviewed

Angle grinders are very useful tool for welders. Welding grinder can be used in various ways in that you may not even be informed.

Finding the best angle grinder for welders for the welding projects is bit tricky. It depends on various factors. No worries! We are here to assist you to pick right welding grinder.

Let’s start!

Best Angle Grinder for Welders – Reviews

Below we reviewed 5 top-rated welding angle grinders and let’s check how effectively they work. All of them are specifically designed to suit for all welders.

The products have the best quality of welding system which makes ideal for the standard welding task.

1. Black+Decker BDEG400 6-Amp Angle Grinder For Welding

Here is a model of a welding angle grinder is the best for carrying out basic machining activities such as sharpening, cutting, grinding, rust removal and preparation of the surface to be ground. The grinder’s frame is made up of a metal gear casing suitable for durability and long serving life.

Metal Gear Casing

The design of the model is strongly reinforced with a powerful metal gear casing. The feature grants the tool a higher probability of lasting for long thus it has long serving period.

The casing also enables the tool to resist from mechanical damage and dissipation of excessive heat.

3-Position Side Handle

The design of the well-positioned handle is so convenient that it provides increased comfort and easy control of the tool for use with various materials at different angles. The feature enables the device very suitable and enjoyable to the users.

Spindle Lock

The conveniently coupled flexible spindle lock plays a very significant role to the Grinder. It ensures that there are proper and easy changes to the tool complementing accessories. The lock makes it easy to engage necessary attachments at your pleasure.


The Grinder is small enough to enable the user easily carry it around to do tasks that require mobility. In addition to this, the tool has a smooth and soft handle for comfort when holding. Therefore, the machine is suited to be used anywhere anytime.

2. SKIL 9296-01 Paddle Switch Welding Angle Grinder

The same way power tools have been greatly advanced; welding angle grinders have also gone through drastic improvements. Welder’s are highly cheering such advanced modifications on the modern welding grinders.

Specifically, the Skil 7.5-Ampere welder angle grinder has a great design entailing a smart non-locking paddle switch which is a safety component to the tool.

It enables the machine to turn automatically off when it drops or if subjected to adverse vibrations.

Powerful 7.5a Motor

The motor has a decent design in that it can run up to the speed of 11,000 rpm. The speed is convenient enough to meet the required urgency when wildings. It is also well guarded in that the damaging foreign particles are rejected and prevented from ruining the efficiency.

Tool-Less Guard

The Grinder has a tool-less type of guard system that enhances quick and cases of replacement of the grinding wheel. Such great flexibility of the tool makes work simpler when carrying out general maintenance to the grinding machine.

Vibration Reducing Handle

The component is so unique that it allows safe and comfortable hold on the tool without the blade wrench and letting it to conveniently tucked into the handle. The action prevents the tool from getting lost.

By minimizing the vibrations, the safe handle also grants the user reduced fatigue while grinding or doing any related operation using the tool.

Paddle Switch with No Lock

The paddle welding angle grinder is greatly modified that can go automatically off whenever it is subjected to any excessive vibrations. The condition may arise as a result of dropping on the ground or any other intense vibration action.

3. Makita XAG01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Welding Angle Grinder

It delivers output services at a high speed suitable for sufficient grinding power to the working site.

The XAG01Z model is designed specifically to grind, cut, and a variety of materials such as tiles, concrete, conduit systems, and more others. Therefore, it is a general purpose grinding tool with the best workability and a must have tool for every welder.

Makita-Built Motor

Makita manufactured motor is very powerful since it runs up to 10,000 revolutions per minute.

The speed is sufficient to enhance faster grinding and other related operations to make sure that minimum possible is spent if the tool is properly used. The motor is also well guarded against damaging conditions thus boosting its durability and efficiency.

Compact Barrel Grip

This feature is very significant to the grinder in a manner that it has a smooth and fine handle for the extreme comfort of the user. It improves the overall tool handling and makes the entire grinding exercise enjoyable and loveable.

Built-In Protective Circuit

The circuit is purposely embedded to protect the motor fully from stroke or damage that may arise due to excessive torque. The system does so by conveniently controlling the over torque cases in case they arise.

The tool is well designed with lighter making the entire make weightless and highly portable. This feature is one of the most significant to any modern or well-modified product on the market that customers go for.

4. Makita 9564CV Welder’s Angle Grinder

Here is a model of a welders angle grinder which combines both 12-ampere variable speed power source with a comfort motor protective characteristics for long-serving stone grinding and polishing activities.

The 9564CV model is coupled with Makita’s innovative Super Joint System type meant to protect its gears for long durability of the tool. Every welder wants to keep this beast in the toolbox.

Variable Speed Tool

The 9564CV model is highly versatile and effective grinder with adjustable speed to allow the user to set the required pace depending on the nature of the material.

The variable speed control measure enables the model above perfect for the stone tasks entailing both polishing and grinding.

Makita’s Super Joint System (SJS)

The super well-modified system named above was invented by Makita engineering works whereby the armature of the motor is made of spiral bevel gear which is linked by a coil spring.

Whenever the grinding wheel binds, the coil spring link undergoes relaxation and thereafter disengages the gears from the motor to save it from exploding and get damaged.

Comforts and Ergonomics

The 9564CV model is constructed with a comfortable feature for extended usage of the tool. The grinder weighs less with a lock-on switch for quick and easy operation.

However, the side handle for the model can be easily installed on either side of the tool body, and the wheel guard adjustment enhances easy clamping making maintenance and tool preparation easy.

5. VonHaus 6-Amp Angle Grinder for Welders

The Grinder is well designed to serve for a variety of functions including removal of excess material or rust, smoothing the surfaces, cutting across or through metal piping and grinding.

The VonHaus welder’s grinder is best suited to all. Having a powerful and easily controlled 6-Ampere motor, however, confined and detailed the task is, it can be worked on and completed very easily.

Therefore, this model of grinder is very versatile and highly durable for your long service.

Powerful 6-ampere Motor

The model of the grinding tool mentioned above has a great 6A motor which it to run and meet various grinding and welding demands. The motor is so unique that it can carry out the most confined and detailed duties and complete them with ease.

Sufficient Speed

The design of a motor of unique grinding tool operates at almost no-load speed which is adequate to work faster and suit the urgent tasks. The speed is also favorable for smooth welds and accuracy of the job done by the tool.

Safety Guard

The grinding tool has a special adjustable guard which provides a platform for easy rotation of the wheel when grinding at all angles.

The feature ensures that the probability of damages which may arise during the operation of the machine are greatly minimized. It means that the chances of getting injured as a user are also minimal.

Support Handle

The grinding tool has been well coupled with a handle support extension which enhances easy removal and attachments during maintenance. The attachment of the handle is possible in either dimension whether to the main or central body.

Having such advantage makes it easier for the tool to be greatly controlled when undertaking the specific intricate job.

Best Angle Grinder for Welding Project – Buying Guide

Welder’s angle grinders can be used for quite a number of functions. If you want grinder that will work well for welding jobs, here are some key things you should note.

Speed versus Torque

Torque is the turning force of the grinder which determines its grinding power. In most cases, the higher the torque of an average working tool, the less the spinning speed and vice versa.

Torque strength of a grinder is the measure of the amount of stock removed by the grinding wheel in a single rotation. Grinders with high turning force can maintain a higher speed of rotation when subjected to load conditions.

On the other hand, grinders with lower-torque greatly suffer from high-speed reduction when put under load conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you always go for high torque grinding machines.

Type of the Motor

The motor is the most significant component in any grinding tool because it makes the engine of the entire machine. Apart from the ratings and design model of a tool, the working strength and life duration of the motor is greatly determined by how it is well guarded…

And how regular you service it. The ability to reject and remove the damaging foreign particles entering its winding greatly determines its durability.

Safety Considerations

You can suffer from severe injuries when you use a poorly guarded Grinder. The danger may damage the intense friction caused during grinding.

However, the high levels of torque associated with grinding bring about the effect of back-twisting torque if the abrasive wheels happen to strike an obstruction on its way.

The circumstance can greatly cause a severe damage both to the tool and user. Make sure you always go for a well guarded grinder.


The measure of how much the tool utilizes the input power about its output work determines the efficiency.

The design of a device to suit its functionality and regular maintenance minimizes energy loss and hence the higher the efficiency. Grinders with efficiency levels ranging from 80 percent and above are the best ones.

Other Considerations

  • The cost of the tool
  • The durability
  • Warranty
  • Portability
  • The simplicity of operation

Final Words

As power tools are becoming more modified and greatly advanced, welder’s angle grinders also are undergoing drastic improvement. Many passionate welders appreciate these wonderful modern advancements while on the other hand, safety experts have become much more concerned.

Having twice as much power in the same-sized product has increased the industrial demand for non-locking paddle switch well advanced grinding tools. Make an effort to get one and enjoy the privileges.

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