Angle Grinder to Cut Stone: 5 Tips to Remember

No matter what color or texture you like, chances are, there’s a stone that matches what you’re looking for. Whether you want a matte, shiny or even rough finish, there are many stones that can give you what you’re looking for.

Here are some interesting facts about stone you should know about:

Facts about Stone

1. It’s the Original Building Material from Mother Nature

Natural stone can withstand time and weathering so much better than any other building material. And its toughness has been proven through the ages. Just take a look at the Parthenon, the Egyptian pyramids, or any ancient city and you’ll know this is the truth.

2. Many Surface Issues in Stone Can be Fixed

Unlike many construction materials that are made-made, natural stone can be sealed, re-polished and cleaned easily. Even if they break or lose their luster over time, such problems can be addressed easily.

3. It Is Very Appealing

Need more convincing? Simply look at Roman aqueducts or St. Peter’s Basilica and you can marvel at the beauty of stone. It’s simply stunning. Natural stone plays a big role in our artwork and history.

4. Stones were Used as Tools in Ancient Civilizations

Archeologists have discovered the use of stone as tools as far back as 2.6 million years ago. This time in our history is referred to as the Stone Age, and it featured simple toolkits created and used by early humans. These tools were called the Oldowan toolkit, and it comprised of:

Stone cores
Sharp stone flakes

By 1.76 million years ago, the large cutting tools known as the Acheulean toolkit was created. It included a variety of stone core, and ancient people continued to use it until about 250,000 years ago.

Angle Grinder to Cut Stone

An angle grinder is used to cut roof tiles, pavement slabs and bricks. This tool is needed for any kind of stone cutting project you may have, but be sure to remember some tips to achieve maximum safety as well as ease of use.

1. You Need the Right Tool for the Job You Have at Hand

Angle grinders as well as other grinders come with 2 sizes for the wheels: 115mm and 230mm. The first size is obviously smaller and is unable to cut as deep as the 230mm one. This is something you need to take into consideration when picking wheel size.

That said, if you need to cut large slabs of stone then go for 230mm size. If you will only be cutting small bricks then the 115mm one will suffice.

2. Always Wear the Necessary Protective Gear

It’s common sense really. You will need to properly protect yourself when using this machine because there will be debris that are going to fly around when operating the grinder in cutting stone.

So aside from buying the right tool, you need to secure proper gear too. Be sure to wear ear protectors, safety goggles and gloves.

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Go for the “indirect” vented kind of safety goggles because the direct vented goggles can enable dust and small pieces of rock through to your face. You will know this because there are tiny holes on the sides.

Keep an eye on the spark flowing while grinding

Should you see these holes, it should remind you not to use them when grinding stone. Also, you won’t be the only one who should wear goggles. Anyone who is within the work area should wear goggles as well.

On a related note, do not forget to ascertain that the tool’s protection guard should always be on it. You should not remove it. If in case you are borrowing an angle grinder from a friend, check the tool first to ascertain that it has a safety guard.

3. Know How to Choose a Quality Disc

When deciding which type of disk to use in your stone grinder, it is not a good idea to choose the cheapest option available. This is because you might only regret it in the future.

Abrasive discs are cheaper but if you go for a diamond disk you are assured that you will make a straighter, cleaner cut each time you use it. Moreover, a diamond disk tends to be more durable and long-lasting than an abrasive disk.

Even if it may seem unnecessary to spend a lot of money on just a single disk, you will in reality be saving yourself money and time in the long run by going for a better quality disc.

If you have a new disc to use, make sure to run it on the grinder for at least a minute before using it to cut a workpiece. In doing so, you can be sure that the disc is in good condition before starting your project. This prevents injury to the user and damage to the machine or workpiece.

4. Your Materials Should be Set up Correctly

When you are in the process of prepping for stone-cutting, make sure the piece is elevated so that it is above the ground.

In doing so, you can prevent your angle grinder disk from coming in contact with the ground. You can use a few wood pieces to elevate it.

5. Know Which Technique Works Best for You

Over time you will know which techniques and methods will work for your needs. But a few things must be remembered when grinding stone. First, don’t force the blade to cut stone. This can result in breaking the blade and the pieces could fly to your face.

What you should do is to guide the blade without pushing it down with excessive force. It’s also important to position the angle grinder in such a way that the wheel spins away from the edges of the stone and not into them. This prevents debris from flying in your direction.

Final Words

Stone is a great material to use for a variety of purposes. Using the right stone cutting and grinding equipment is necessary to achieve wonderful results.

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