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Our Mission

Welcome to Grinderist.com, we are an informative website providing information about different types of grinding tools. Our aim is to provide the best possible product information to ensure you choosing the best available tools for grinding. In Grinderist.com we are committed to building the best resources about grinding tools on the internet, including, reviews and guidelines.

The Beginning of Grinderist.Com

At the beginning of this website, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for the DIY’s to make educated decisions about the grinding related products they should have in their toolbox.

We set out to do extensive research on what other platforms had to offer, and we came up with a solution – create a site with the consumers in mind and help them to take their diy projects to next level.

Our Mission

Our mission at grinderist.com is to ensure that the DIY’ers have all the information they would possibly need about improving their projects.

Not only we help diy’ers to choose the best products, but also help them with extensive guides and advice on our blog to make their projects successful.

Meet the team

Trevor Barton, Founder

My name is Trevor Barton, and I am the founder of Grinderist.com. I currently reside in San Francisco with my beautiful wife, and 1 kid. When we made that jump to buy some power tools e.g. grinder, sander etc for our own grinding projects, we soon both realized that we didn’t know much about the buying process, or what we should buy for our tools box.

After asking around, we found that this was a common problem – so I set out to develop a platform for DIY’ers to use to grow more comfortable in their DYI’s grinding project.

I am passionate about helping individuals learn more about grinding products that matter to DIY’ers so that they may save both time and money.

Trevor Barton, Founder

Ralph G. Diaz, Chief Editor

My name is Ralph G. Diaz, and I am the Chief Editor at Grinderist.com. Like Trevor, back in 2020 I had a hard time finding he best products to use in my grinding project. There were so many other websites or resources around that had nothing but junk, and it was difficult to separate the good from the bad.

Suddenly I stumbled on grinderis.com and met Trevor. When I came to know about his vision, my first expression was “WOW! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!”

I was passionate about writing from my childhood. In 2021 Trevor asked me to join grinderist.com as a Chief Editor. And I took that opportunity, and since then I’m working as a Chief Editor here.

My primary goal was to guide DIY’ers to choose the best grinding-related products at the most affordable price. I enjoy helping DIY’ers learn more about new products for their home, garage, and workshop and get satisfaction out of them knowing the benefits each product can provide for them.

Melissa Freeman, Chief Editor

How Can You Help Us?

There are several ways you can help us at grinderist.com. The first way you can help us is to let us know about some topics that you want on Grinderist.com.  Are you curious about a topic or product and want us to do an in-depth dive on it? Let us know!

Are you passionate about helping DIY’ers with comprehensive guides and how-tos? If so, we’d love to have you on as a contributor. Check out our editorial guidelines to see how you can help us to grow Grinderist.Com

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